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Modernization and reclassification projects - cargo carrying capacity increasing, navigation area expansion, dangerous goods transportation, ice category grounding, ballast water management system installation, exhaust filter systems(scrubbers) installation, main engine replacement, modernization and design of propeller-rudder complex

Full detailed projects for shipbuilding  - small craft projects, berth-connected vessels, docking facilities, barges and lighters, tugs, floating platforms and modules, floating bridges

Operational booklets and plans - stability booklets, loading manuals, actual hull strength calculations, ballast water management plans, fire and safety plans, emergency towing booklets, conveyance projects, technical exceptions from IMO requirements

Software development

3D - modelling

Research engineering

Drawings recovery

Ship's hull condition analysis





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The hull of the floating dock NFD01 project (designed by the SHIP'S ENGINEERING OFFICE LLC) was launched on the water.The hull of the floating dock NFD01 project (designed by the SHIP'S ENGINEERING OFFICE LLC) was launched on the water.At this moment supply works with ship systems are in work.

Functionality - Lifting aft parts of vessels. Repairing works in after parts: hull, rudder propeller units (propellers, rudder head shafts, screw-steering nozzles, etc.).

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