At the beginning of this year, during the operation of the cement-carrying barge “LB-10” (RU Class K * B1), significant hull deformations were detected – an overall vessel deflection of up to 40 cm(barge length is 76 m) was determined. In this regard, the Shipowner decided to dock the vessel, to carry out hull thickness measurements and make necessary reinforcements.

LB 10 5

Our company promptly performed longitudinal hull strength calculation of the vessel, considering its real load characteristics and the actual condition of the hull. The calculation showed more than 50% lack of longitudinal strength. We made a decision (which was agreed by the Shipowner) to increase the height of coaming by 600 mm and developed an appropriate reinforcement scheme. The total weight of the reinforcements is 20 tons.

LB 10 3

LB 10 4

The designed reinforcement scheme not only minimized steel weight, but also made it possible to ensure the longitudinal strength of the hull, considering the five-year forecasting of the vessel service.

The ship’s hull reinforcement project was successfully agreed by the Main Branch of the Shipping Register of Ukraine, and at the moment is being implemented by “Siata” company and is approaching the finish line. We would also like to note that this work was carried out in close cooperation with this company. The specialists of the “Siata” promptly sent us all the necessary design documentation, responsibly carried out the measurements of the residual thickness of hull elements, and also constantly informed us about typical defects in the hull that were identified in the dock.

LB 10 2

LB 10