On our long term client - Cunda Shipping request, we developed and successfully approved in RMRS  actual longitudinal hull strength calculation for m/v "ALEKSANDR LEBED" 



Vessel "ALEKSANDR LEBED" (project 05074, IMO number 8866826, RS No. 855481) was built in 1985 on the shipyard in Navashino according to the bureau "Vympel" project and has the following characteristics:

 RS class КМ * L4 R2-RSN 
 SLWL length  136.32 m
 breadth at midship  16.50 m
 depth  5.50 m
 full forward speed  10.6 knots
 engines output  2х883 kWt
 SLWL draught  3.78 м
 SLWL loaded displacement  7487 т


Vessel type - steel, single deck, tween-screw general cargo vessel with four cargo holds, double bottom and double sides, with forecastle, with engine room and wheelhouse in aft part


Ship's purpose - carrying general and solid bulk cargoes in holds, containers and timber in holds and on hatch covers




Actual hull strength condition analysis was carried out according to the thickness measurements made during 20.05.2020 – 22.06.2020 by  operators of «FREKANS GEMI SAN.TIC.LTD.STI (FREKANS UTM)» in Istanbul, Turkey


Calculation of geometric characteristics of transverse sections  of hull was fulfilled by self-developed software: «TIBRUS» 


According to the results of calculation actual overall strength of the m/v “ALEKSANDR LEBED”  satisfies the requirements of Russian maritime Register of shipping for restricted area of navigation R2-RSN and wave height of 6,0 m with 3 % probability of exceeding level

Actual hull strength calculation was successfully approved by RMRS