On our long term client - Cunda Shipping request we developed and successfully approved in Phoenix Register longitudinal hull strength calculations and navigation area expansion booklets for the following Volgo-don type vessels:

  • VOLGODON 79 (design No. 507Б, IMO No. 8871687)
  • PUDOZH (design No. M1565A, IMO No. 8955641)


Calculation of geometric characteristics of transverse sections  of hull was fulfilled by self-developed software: «TIBRUS» 


Analysis was made for 7 routes in the Black Sea according to their wind and wave situation and longitudinal hull strength characteristics of the vessels.


According to ultimate durability and fatigue life criterions 5 of 7 routes were determined as safe fore operation of the vessels taking into account navigation season and wave height limitation.



So, in case of long term weather forecast (2 or 3 days depending on the route)  vessels can significantly reduce voyage time and fuel expenses, for example from April till October direct route from north coast of Turkey (from Amasra to Sinop) to East ports of Black Sea (from Tuapse to Poti) is allowed.